This is my journey to leave behind my fat and fears once and for all. It's my opportunity to prove to the world and myself that with diligence and hard work, anything is possible.
Took my lady @hthrwill on a ride through the country. Love the Natchez this time of year! #goodtimes

Took my lady @hthrwill on a ride through the country. Love the Natchez this time of year! #goodtimes

Paleo Challenge Day 1 Breakfast: Fried Eggs w/Sautéed Spinach (Taken with instagram)

Paleo Challenge Day 1 Breakfast: Fried Eggs w/Sautéed Spinach (Taken with instagram)

Eating an elephant

Happy New Year!

If you’ve had a single conversation today that didn’t include the word “goal” or “resolution” that you’ve got me beat. I wanted to take a second to walk through my big goal this year and how I’m breaking it down in hopes that it can help someone else along the way.

The big difference between goals and dreams are, goals are measurable and broken down into steps that can be tracked along the way and have a set deadline. For example, I have a dream to one day write a screenplay. That’s all it is too, a dream. If I ever want to really get serious about writing it, it will have a whole lot more structure to it.

This year I have a goal to get my body fat percentage to 9% by the end of 2012. (It intimidates me just to write that out.) The first step is to know where you stand currently and then begin to break it down into smaller bite-sized goals.

My current body fat percentage is 27.5%, which means I need to lose 18.5% in 12 months. So that breaks down to roughly losing 1.5% of body fat per month. That’s not nearly as intimidating as thinking about trying to lose 18.5%. So here’s what my month-by-month breakdown looks like:

  • 1/31 = 26%
  • 2/29 = 24%
  • 3/31 = 22%
  • 4/30 = 20.5%
  • 5/31 = 19%
  • 6/30 = 17.5%
  • 7/31 = 16%
  • 8/31 = 14.5%
  • 9/30 = 13%
  • 10/31 = 11.5%
  • 11/30 = 10%
  • 12/31 = 9%

So like I said, roughly 1.5% per month. I also know that the lower the numbers get the harder it is to lose it, so I’m going to try and get a jump start early.

So there’s my road map, but to achieve that I’ve got to make some pretty drastic changes to my lifestyle. Here’s my action plan:

  • CrossFit at least 5 days a week
  • Strict Paleo diet
  • Sprint training at least once a week
  • Document everything that goes into my mouth
  • Daily pics of myself to show progress
  • No more alcohol (except for red wine on very special occasions)
  • Measure constantly and update regularly for accountability

So, there you go. Big goals broken down into a series of achievable steps, with an action plan and a plan for accountability.

So, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Reset… 2012 Here I Come!

Quick update before moving forward:

I joined a legit box and freaking LOVE it! CrossFit Talon is my new home away from home.

Although I’ve been busting my butt, the weight is still not coming off, so tomorrow starts full-time Paleo.

Moving forward, I’m going to be posting workouts, results, pics of food, recipes and keeping better track of my PRs here. I have some lofty goals this year, and I’m going to use this as my accountability.

Some ground rules I’ve set for myself are: measure everything (weight, body fat %, and measurements of chest, stomach and hips), track everything (workouts and meals specifically, possibly sleep too), and ultimately get to 9% bodyfat. I honestly don’t know if it’s possible, but that is my target none-the-less.

Other highlights looking forward this year looks like: potentially a tough mudder, a half marathon and my first beginner division local CrossFit competition. I know the biggest thing I need to manage even more than cravings is my stress level. In the past high stress equals bad decision making and that is usually when I lose all momentum and fall off of whatever wagon I tend to be on. So my next step is to begin to break down my goals into achievable steps and start to check them off one by one.

Look out 2012… here I come!

“dis·ci·pline [dis-uh-plin]
verb (used with object)-plined-plining to train by instruction and exercise
to bring under control
to punish”

—Welcome to October!!


90 day fitness challenge baseline

Starting weight 232 lbs.

440 time: 1:28

Pushups in 1:00: 40

Situps in 1:00: 28

If I’ve learned one thing about myself in the past five years it’s this, the easiest way to motivate myself is through competition.

I have been good with the workouts (not so much with the blog updates) and have seen great gains in both performance and recovery time. But much to my surprise, I’ve been gaining weight. Not why I had intended.

Dino and I were talking and he was sharing the same frustration. So, what better than a good ‘ole competition?

So 90 days, just the two of us. We’re measuring percentage of weight loss and percentage of increase of running the 440 along with pushups and situps in one minute.

There’s definitely room for improvement all the way around. The clock is ticking, October 16 here I come!

…and vacation’s over!

I had such good intentions of having downtime while on vacation to reflect, to blog and to relax. I got as far as relax and stopped there. Honestly, I was on vacation with my wife and some amazing friends, and we were pretty much on the go the entire time… and it was a blast!

I think I’m finally coming back up for air from the office onslaught from being away. Meanwhile my body feels tortured all over again. Monday was a marathon session of two hours of sand volleyball pretty much non-stop. When I woke up Tuesday morning I knew I was in for it. My legs ached all over, especially my quads. It’s like I was doing squat-jumps for two hours in the sand.

Tuesday’s workout rolled around and I was less than excited about going. The beauty of working out with someone is they could really care less how you feel, it’s time to go workout. Our numbers grew that day as we added Dino to our workouts – added accountability is a very good thing.

Tues – 3 rounds NTL
5 - Pullups (I’ve got to get kipping figured out)
10 – Pushups
15 – Lunges (Each leg with 25lb plate overhead)
20 – Situps

The first round went pretty well, second round was tough, the third was pretty much a train-wreck. But I did it. The workout went pretty quick, so we all thought it would be a good idea to add onto the workout a bit with something. That something turned into 2 rounds of 10 dead lifts of 135 lbs. It wasn’t that heavy, until the last couple of reps.

Now I have woken up to the feeling of regret a time or two in my life. Like why did I eat all of that food for dinner last night, why didn’t I go to bed earlier the night before, etc. But the pain I felt in my legs before I even got out of bed this morning, shot the workout the day before on top of the sand-jumping from the day before to the top-10 for sure. To make matters worse, I new what I was up against this morning too… sprints.

That’s right, nothing like adding a sprint session onto legs that won’t fully let me sit down, without giving out about half way. The workout group has grown by one more today too, Branden is working out with us now too which is a good thing because I need more accountability. I got about half way through the sprint workout (10 x 50m walking back as the rest) before “that voice” started screaming. You know the one that tells you to stop, to cut corners, that you’re never going to lose the weight, to just quit, to cheat a little on your diet, you know that voice, it had a bullhorn to my ear and was wailing away on me.

Having others there with you though forces you to push past it and finish… and I did!

That being said – tomorrow, it’s going to be really hard to move. That is, until tomorrow’s workout. ;)


I’ve been fairly quiet the past few days for one reason - vacation. Not necessarily the going on as much as the getting ready for. But I’m here now, and I’m hoping to have a chance to do some more long form blogging as well as filling in some gaps on my backstory. So if you don’t mind indulging me the rest of this week, I may ramble off topic much more than normal while I unwind a bit.

So where am I? Paradise.

One thing I’ve learned about myself recently is that as my stress level increases so does the number on the scale. No matter how good I do working out or eating, whatever my body does to protect itself from a breakdown during high stress times includes plumping, padding and insulating itself. So I’m taking some time with some friends and my beautiful bride and gone to wine country in Sonoma, CA.

I’ve made a conscious decision this week. I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m going to eat amazing food, and drink great wine, and enjoy great conversations, and not stress about weightless goals or workout routines, or progress… for now.

Now, having said that, this is not me throwing in the towel early. This is not me parked at a tempting parking place along the road to success as my last post stated. This is simply me giving myself permission to enjoy, because come Monday morning it’s a whole new ballgame.

“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places”


Endurance On-Ramp 1

It’s. So. Hot. Out.

10 x 50m sprints, walking back as the break.

I took my youngest with me to the soccer fields for sprint work. I’d give her a head start and try and catch her just to make sure I was giving it my all.

I never did catch her. She’s so stinkin’ quick. We had a blast! We got into a water bottle war after we we’re done.

I won.

A little further each time, a little easier each time… one step at a time.


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